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10 Powerful Tips to Improve Lymph Flow

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About Author

Laurel is a licensed manual therapist, specializing in Holistic Wellness, Advanced Lymph Drainage Therapy & Cranio-Sacral Therapy and is a Master Energy Healing Practitioner. She has been practicing Lymphatic Massage since 2012. Her experience includes thousands of hands-on sessions with a wide array of clients with therapeutic needs ranging from: post-surgery, oncology, "auto-immune" symptoms, digestive distress, sinus congestion, allergies, toxin exposure, chronic headaches, PTSD, neuro-inflammations, chronic fatigue and much more.


Laurel’s Advanced Lymph Drainage training is from Dr. Bruno Chikly of The Chikly Institute. Advanced Lymphatic addresses not only the superficial lymph system that is skin deep, but also the deep pathways, lymphatic of the muscles, fascia, viscera (organs), brain (glymphatic) and more.


Being a Master Energy Healing Practitioner, allows her to be highly attuned to all energy flow, rhythms & balance or the lack thereof. This natural ability to feel energy movement in and around a client's body combined with extensive training from brilliant teachers, mentors, peers and clients has molded her into the therapist she is today.


Laurel currently resides in Georgetown, TX and has lived in the Austin, TX area since early childhood.


She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her beloved dog, Luke, as well as, spending time outdoors in nature, cooking and exploring new restaurants, listening to music and she is constantly expanding & learning more about alternative health, holistic wellness, culinary medicine, herbal medicine, energy medicine & cosmic energy.

To book an Advanced Lymphatic Massage session with Laurel , Please visit:

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